Guinea Pigs Foods


Selecting the correct food for your guinea pigs is very important. All guinea pigs need to consume fresh vegetables, clean water, pellets, Vitamin C, and hay. The Vitamin C may come from the vegetables or any other supplements that contain such vitamin. It may be a lot easier to feed your pet, guinea pig, with oranges too. This would be enough in providing the day to day dose of Vitamin C to them.

You could purchase best guinea pig food pellets that have been enriched with Vitamin C; however, this might not always be the finest choice. It doesn't hold up very well in pellets and whenever the package has been unsealed, the pellets would begin to losing the Vitamin C content. Since your cavy would want to eat different kinds of food, you could feed them with fresh vegetables too. The fresh vegetables would provide them the nutrition that they need and Vitamin C is part of it. Kale, spinach, green and red peppers, lettuce, collard greens, clover, tomatoes, carrots, and cabbages are some of the few examples of fresh vegetables that guinea pigs would love to eat.

There are some people who would recommend that you should add some Vitamin C in the water of your guinea pig. The guinea pig may not want its flavor at start but as you continue to prepare this kind of mixture to it, your guinea pig would be able to like it. The process takes time so you have to be patient and careful about it.

On a side note, the feeding container or bowl of your guinea pig would also play a vital role in its health. The bowl should be heavy enough in order for it to stay in place whenever your pet would tip over it. It should have a good bedding material too. Moreover, it possible, you can utilize a tiny bottle that has sipping tube instead of using a bowl, as its water container. You have to maintain the cleanliness of both the tube and the bowl at all times.

In regards to the pellets, you have to prevent buying the artificially colored products because these have lots of fat elements. Too much fat won't be good for your guinea pig. If the guinea pig would eat lots of vegetables, then you can assure that it will be in its perfect well-being.

Feeding your guinea pig with the best food for guinea pigs requires practice, this is also true in researching about the right food products that you have to feed them.

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